About Us

iNetResults bridges the gap between the promises of the technology of the Internet and the results seen by people and businesses. We understand the technology, but more importantly, we understand business needs, return on investment, and the need for usability and customer perspective.

Our CEO, Mitch Turner, has been a leader in goverment, military, commerical, and non-profit organizations for over 20 years. He is a certified Project Management Professional and has successfully built and led projects from a few thousand dollars to over $1 million. You can read his resume here:  Word  PDF.

Some of our clients

  • Providence Prep
  • SunTree LLC
  • TimePlex Federal Systems
  • Polyfusion Electronics
  • Tel3 Communications
  • American College of Bankruptcy
  • Today's Family Matters
  • Policay Analysis, Inc.
  • Harvester PCA
  • Phillips for Congress
  • Woodpile Studios

Our Approach

Everyone knows their business need to be on the Internet. But business is not about opening a store. It's about getting people to the store. It's about convincing those people to buy your product, or listen to your message. And all of that means reaching them where they are listening and in a way that communicates to them.

The problem is, most website builders are wrapped up in the technology of the site. They are not about succeeding in your business. But the people making money or getting their message out online are those who do not see the web as an end in itself, but rather a technological tool to improve the results of their overall business process.

A good web site should be simple to use. If it isn't, or if it bogs them down because it takes too long to download to their device, your customers are history. Would you go to a store where it took five minutes just to open the door? That's what it's like when you have large (but they're impressive, right?) graphics, movies, etc., that slowly creep across the screen. And would you go to a store that had no organization to where things were placed? If the layout was confusing, you couldn't find the products you want or where to make your purchase, and had to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way out, would you enjoy doing business there?

If you do have some great and interesting techno-wizardry at your site, you may get a lot of traffic -- from people interested in the latest techno-wizardry. But what you want is people interested in your product, your service, your information!

You know your business better than anyone else; we can help you harness the possibilities of the Internet to grow your business. All the jargon and technical expertise in the world won't help you if no one visits your site or stays around long enough to learn why your business is valuable to them. The focus should be on how a website will improve your bottom line.

The Internet isn't about technology, it's about commerce and building an online marketplace where the impulse to buy and the place to actually do the buying are in the same place. The vast majority of people online are there to meet their needs—not to see the latest innovation. These are your customers.

iNetResults will help you get on the Web with an approach focused on your business. We will help you use the Internet to market the benefits your customers want and integrate technology with your business process.

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